Introduction to the Lactational Amenorrhea Method

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Why does exclusive breastfeeding prevent ovulation? How can I use breastfeeding as a method of birth control? How will I know when it is no longer effective and my fertility is about to return?

Join us for a brief introduction to the Lactational Amenorrhea Method to learn how you can use breastfeeding as effective birth control after the birth of your child.

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Birth as a Family Event: A Family Doctor Tells Stories of Natural Birth Support

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Event description: Dr. Misha Askren is a family physician who has practiced in Los Angeles for the last thirty years. In his first years he practiced at the Natural Childbirth Institute, a freestanding birth center with a homelike setting, minimal interventions and multiple support people and family members attending births. Join us for a brief storytelling and Q&A session with Dr. Askren about the decade he spent practicing natural childbirth within family medicine, and current practices in American health care.

Thank you to everyone who came and made this discussion a success! Dr. Askren gave us insight on how he was able to bring his non-interventionist practice from the birth center into the hospital, making it clear that the most important factor in having the type of birth you want is your doctor. Dr. Askren ensured that the women in his practice could move around, have intermittent monitoring, the support people they wanted, and other things that helped them have a fulfilling experience. He says, "A birth plan is a way of opening a conversation."

Speaking about support people, Dr. Askren believes that every person in the room should have a role or a job - no one should be simply a spectator. Children who are prepared for birth with child-focused birthing classes can be part of the experience, if they want to be and if they have a babysitter who does not mind if she misses the birth (because she may need to watch the child). Family members can be effective birth supporters, but the advantage to hiring a doula is her specific training.

Our group is always collecting information about doctors around New York that have flexible, non-interventionist and mother-friendly philosophies, including practitioners who take late transfers. Let us help you find a doctor or midwife who will support the kind of birth you want to have.