Doula 1

Hana Askren

Hana received certification as a DONA-trained doula after hearing her father's inspiring stories about delivering babies in a freestanding birth center. She teaches the Fertility Awareness Method, counsels women on natural yeast infection remedies, and has helped many women achieve their fitness goals.

As a former athlete who has had shoulder surgery, she understands how Western medicine saves lives while believing in the natural power of the human body. In all her work, she helps women realize their inner strength by supporting them with love, empathy and knowledge.

A Los Angeles native, Hana holds a BA in Italian Studies and an MA in Arabic Studies from McGill University in Montreal. She is fluent in French and Hebrew.  

Doula 2

Rachel Rachlin

Rachel was first drawn to doula work after a difficult period in her life in which she realized that compassionate support can truly change the way we experience challenging situations. She became a doula to support women in making informed and empowering decisions about their bodies during childbirth. After completing her DONA birth doula training, she attended additional doula massage and postpartum doula training courses and began serving women across the pregnancy spectrum as a birth, postpartum, abortion, and adoption doula. She lives with her partner in Woodside, Queens and enjoys sewing, cooking and carpentry.

Doula 3

Stacey Lewis

Stacey was called to become a birth doula after graduating from college with a BA in Women and Gender Studies. Her college professor, who was also a midwife, inspired her to join the birthing world. After completing her doula training in May 2010, she has attended a few births and aspires to provide women with the most comprehensive and nurturing support possible. Having spent many years as a women's rights and reproductive rights activist, her feminist spirit has opened her eyes to the wonders of women's innate strength and power. She is also fluent in French and Haitian Creole and is learning Spanish. For more information about Stacey, visit her website at