Mary and baby

Fionnuala, 6lbs 15oz

Having a natural birth without unneeded interventions or chemicals in a NYC hospital seemed like a daunting task, but was important to me. Working with Hana provided me with the encouragement and strength to achieve this by giving me the confidence to listen to my body. Using positioning and moving my body as Hana and I discussed helped to maximize my energy and keep me calm.
I was so calm that although I arrived at the hospital quite far along in my labor, one doctor did not think that I was even having contractions! My labor became unpredictably quick and intense. Hana always knew exactly what kind of support to give me at each rapidly changing stage: whether it was by using touch to relax my muscles or by using her words to connect me with my inner power. When I felt out of control, she assured me that everything I was going through was normal. There were moments when I was scared, moments when I was frustrated, moments when I thought I couldn’t continue. Hana helped me travel through all these moments, allowing my birthing process to be mainly one of excitement and joy. I was so happy to be able to give birth without any interventions. My daughter Fionnuala was born at 7 in the morning, alert and ready to meet the world! - Mary