Liam at birth

Liam, 7lbs 3oz

My husband and I were uncertain as to whether we needed a doula but knew that we wanted our birth experience to have as few medical interventions as possible while still delivering at the hospital. We both strongly believed that birth is a natural process and wanted to face the experience optimistically, knowing that women are designed to have babies! After meeting with Hana, we felt that having her on our team would give us a better chance of having a positive birth experience.

We could not have been happier with that decision. My water broke at 2 am and I labored at home with Hana and my husband for the entire next day. Hana was a calming and nurturing presence, massaging me during contractions and helping us navigate the changing rhythms of labor. Her knowledge, encouragement and advice allowed us to labor at home as long as possible, while still feeling confident that both baby and I were safe. At the hospital, she and my husband spent that night supporting me through each contraction. It was a huge help for my husband to have someone else there so that he could get a bit of rest. When it came time to push, Hana encouraged and inspired me to keep going for nearly four hours. Almost 34 hours after my water broke, our son was born vaginally with very few interventions and we had the positive birth experience we were hoping for. I do not believe that we would have had the same outcome without Hana. We are incredibly grateful to her. - Julia and Michael