Knowing that my husband was not going to be able to be with me during my pregnancy and during the birth of our first son was very scary. I was referred to Rachel by a website and I knew after our first meeting that she was the type of person and energy I wanted there for my birth. I wanted to try to have a natural birth with little or no interventions but when the pain became too intense for me I opted for an epidural. Rachel made me feel comfortable and supported my decision, which really made me feel comfortable with what was going on. She supported me both mentally and physically during my labor and really made my birth experience a happy one.

Rachel was there for me not only during my labor but also leading up to my birth, offering loads of advice on back pain, inducing labor naturally, pediatrician referrals and just any questions I had she was able to share her knowledge and experiences. I'm so grateful for Rachel - I have always said although I know baby Micah would have come out eventually, I don't know if I would have been able to get through my labor with out her. She is a beautiful caring person and anyone would be lucky to have her there for the birth of their little bundle or bundles of joy!